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January 14, 2008


chris jenkins

confused slightly by your post title at 1st ;)

gee girl - you are way out of control busy - i hope the craziness dies down for you soon and you can get some sleep!

Linda Yoder

For me sprinkling powdered cinnamon in the crotch of my panties has warded off vaginal yeast infections that plague me each time I have needed to take antibiotics. Putting powdered cinnamon in my bath water also helps.

Internal Hemorrhoids

Hmm, i guess theres a need for medical attention.


Hemorrhoids Treatment

There's one thing I know to prevent hemorrhoid, avoid too much eating on spicy foods... and prevent also seating on the toilet bowl for couple of minutes or hour...

If this happen, you can use some over the counter hemorrhoid treatment that can cure.

treatment of hemorrhoids

Thank you for articulating some great points. When ever reading a news alert item I also trying and join the topic stream.

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