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October 13, 2010



Oh my! You have so much food!!! I think I already do this challenge on a daily basis. I love the feeling of using up all of my food, so I normally start getting creative after our favorite things have been eaten (I am very sure I am not as wonderful of a cook as you are, though, although I want to learn!!). It sorta get this strange sense of completion. I know I am weird!


i wish i could do this challenge with you but i don't have a garden and my freezer is almost empty - i do need to figure out how to spend a lot less for awhile!


Wow Lisa! You rock! For a minute I forgot I was reading your blog, and though I was reading a menu at a restaurant :) We are moving in February, and this is the perfect! Our deep freezer is packed to the brim! Our pantry is out of control! Today: inventory & Beef vegetable soup, rolls and pumpkin bread!

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