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October 03, 2010



Hey, I only see 7 confessions...am I missing the other 3?!?! I will wait patiently for the recipes:0) Many people have asked for them!



1) as the queen of the those with sleep issues, the answer is no. you are not getting enough sleep, but as mothers do we ever?

2) not a fun experience and i know if it was me i would be exasperated too but rules are made to protect everyone involved. it may not be your dog but someone's dog down the line caused a problem hence the shots policy. they may be sticklers but i think Petco was just trying to practice a little CYA. it protects them against liability to you the client and to their employees.

3) do the theme thing - Dr. Seuss, Scooby Doo, Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, the Addams Family . . .

4) hockey is just not part of someone's life who lives in the desert. I agree Patrick Sharp is cute. Just because he is married does not mean you can still appreciate his man-beauty

5) i want to know the story!

6) as a mother of identical twins, my only advice is to get to know them as individuals better. have them tell you what makes them different from each other. no matter how identical they may seem, in my experience most twins love to point out what gives them a sense of individuality. being a twin is super cool but also being recognized as an individual is important to them too. ESPECIALLY at the jr. high level. twins are double the blessings. double the fun. and double the jr. high drama.

7) great song

no worries on the recipes and the pictures and things. i know you will get to it eventually. you are doing way better than i with blogging. and if you don't get to the recipes and pictures and things, i know where you live!

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